USBC-VAMETER connected to a laptop

Is the PC powering the peripheral, or the peripheral powering the PC? And how fast is this thing charging, anyway? Some questions are best answered with a Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter (USBC-VAMETER).

Hello Old Friend

If you’re designing hardware with a USB-C connection or testing it, you’ll appreciate the need to get a quick and accurate picture of what’s happening with your USB-C ports. So why do testing tables tend to keep a Plugable USBC-VAMETER within easy reach?

  • Monitor USB-C power and charging
  • Measure voltage and amperage
  • Visualize the directional flow of electrical current
  • Bidirectional connection
Plugable USBC-VAMETER with feature callouts

So, What’s New?

The Plugable USBC-VAMETER is still packed with the features that made it the must-have compact USB-C multimeter. At roughly the size of a USB flash drive, it’s still small enough to go everywhere you go. The VAMETER still quickly shows how fast a device is charging by indicating voltage, amperage, even the direction of power flow. But the upgrades really do shine.

And shine it does, an updated OLED screen means a brighter and easier-to-read display in bright light, low light, even no light. But you really shouldn’t be working in the dark, it isn’t good for your eyes. Is that a 6 or a 9? A new orientation button lets you easily flip the screen. We made the whole thing a little more rugged and strengthened the USB-C connections so you can toss it in your pocket. And finally, we added a TVS (transient voltage suppressor) circuit to prevent inrush current spikes.

So What Do I Do With This Thing?

The reasons to reach for a bidirectional VAMETER are as varied and unique as the hands reaching for them. Still, there are a few ideal use cases that everyone can agree on.

  • Connecting between a USB-C host system like a laptop, tablet, or cell phone and a charger to monitor charge information
  • Connecting between a USB-C host and docking station to monitor charge information
  • Connecting between a USB-C host system and a USB-C bus-powered accessory like an external hard drive or flash drive to measure power draw
  • Testing for USB-C port spec compliance such as a VBUS hot condition, voltage drop under load, etc

Dive deeper into the details on the USBC-VAMETER product page.

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