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Better products. Better Information. Better Support. When the team at Plugable gets together to design something, we consider those three things. We don't just want to build a docking station; we want to produce a peripheral that pairs perfectly with your device. And we don’t just want to offer support; we want to provide a great customer experience backed by industry-leading customer service. So when the time came to start designing our new website, we started with those three things in mind.

Better Products

Finding what you’re looking for, even when you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, couldn’t be easier. Our new filter system, available on the products menu and category results page, lets you select the features you want and delivers matching products. Let's take a look at the redesigned product pages. We've organized them to answer the most common questions first: what does it look like, what can it do, and how much does it cost? Even before you scroll, you'll see a complete picture gallery, features list, price, even Amazon rating.

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Better Information

Better Information

Need to get into the technical stuff? No problem. The second half of our product pages are packed with information, conveniently separated by Feature, Specifications, Compatibility, Get Started, and FAQ tabs.

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Are you looking for per-port performance? Try the Specifications tab for a granular breakdown of what you can expect from each device.

Will this connect with that? And how does it work, anyway? The Compatibility and Getting Started tabs will help you pick the right peripheral for your computer and then get you up and running.

And finally, the FAQ section is a convenient way to find help articles and frequently asked questions, dynamically delivered for each product.

Better Support

For some, support at Plugable is an email to For the DIY crowd, we've built a few resources to get you going. Our new Knowledge Base is your central hub for troubleshooting and support documentation.

You’ll find thousands of questions, discussions, and user stories related to all of our products on the Community Support Forum. Logically arranged and searchable, the forum is the place to quickly find an answer or post a question.

Our new simplified search helps you find better answers faster. Now search by All, Products, Knowledge Base and FAQs, Forums, Blogs and Other.

This new website was built primarily by a small team within Plugable. It took dedication and a few hundred hours. In the end, they delivered a website that loads fast, is easy to navigate, easy to read, and looks great on any device. We're pretty proud of that.

Thanks for clicking around. If you have any feedback, good or bad, we'd love to hear it.

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