Plugable USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable (5m/16′)


  • Connect a USB device up to five meters from a USB port
  • Cable’s active repeater and premium shielding help ensure efficient data transfer
  • Standard USB type-A male to type-A female connectors
  • Great for USB printers, speakers, scanners, displays, keyboards, etc
  • Use with your PS3 DualShock controller to play and charge at the same time
  • Not recommended for devices with high power-consumption requirements–will not recharge iPad, iPod, or iPhone

Model: USB2-5M


Connect USB printers, scanners, game controllers (like the PS3 DualShock), display adapters, keyboards, etc. from across the room with the Plugable USB2-5M five-meter (16-foot) USB 2.0 extension cable. The USB2-5M extension cable’s bus-powered active repeater and premium shielding enable help to ensure efficient data communication at the standard maximum five-meter distance defined for extension cables in the USB 2.0 spec.

However, devices that need more than 400 milliamps of power delivered through the cable to function properly or to recharge an internal battery may experience difficulties because of the 100 milliamps consumed by the cable’s repeater. For example, the iPad, iPhone, and iPod will not charge when connected to this cable. Other devices that may require more power than the cable can provide include some webcams or any peripheral that requires two simultaneous USB connections for adequate power.

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