Plugable HDMI 2.1 USB-C to HDMI Adapter, Supports 4K 144Hz or 8K 60Hz

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  • At a Glance—HDMI 2.1 Plug and Play 8K USBC to HDMI adapter (USBC-HDMI8K) supports HDMI 4K 144Hz and 8K at 60Hz (DSC), HDR, HDCP. Compatible with USB-C DP 1.4 for high-res gaming, home theater & professional use
  • Future Proof—Connect this HDMI to USB C adapter to a USB-C, USB4, or Thunderbolt 4 / 3 port for crisp, fluid motion at 4K 120Hz. And if you ever upgrade your monitor, get resolutions up to 8K 60Hz (DSC). Max resolution on Mac is 4K 60Hz
  • High Performance—From pixelated pirates to picas and pantones, this Type C to HDMI adapter with an aluminum casing for travel and heat dissipation is designed for gamers, artists, and professionals. If you haven’t seen 4K at 144Hz, you haven’t seen UHD performance
  • Works With—This USB C HDMI adapter is Plug and play compatible with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS systems with USB-C, USB4, or Thunderbolt that support DP 1.4. On Mac, max resolution is 4K 60Hz. No driver download required
  • 2-Year Warranty and Support—Every Plugable product, from dongle to docking station, is covered by a 2-year limited parts and labor warranty. And, should you need it, every product gets lifetime support from our US-based team

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