The launch of Apple's latest MacBook Pro featuring the M3 chip has been a game-changer for professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. At Plugable, we've been rigorously testing the compatibility of the M3 MacBook Pro with our range of products and are thrilled to share our insights with you.

Whether you opt for the 14” or 16” MacBook Pro model, you can choose from three CPU families: the base M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. Our focus today is on the base M3 chip, which, like its predecessors, the M1 and M2, supports a single native external monitor.

So, how do you add more screens to the M3 MacBook Pro? The solution lies in a USB graphics technology called DisplayLink. This technology, which uses a driver to support more monitors than your system otherwise could, is a market-proven, high-performance solution millions worldwide use. And when you choose a Plugable DisplayLink dock, you’re choosing peace of mind, knowing that we handle all the compatibility details for you.

We’ve highlighted two of our most popular products that enable the addition of multiple external displays on Mac:

How to Add Up to Three Monitors to an M3 MacBook

UD-ULTC4K Triple Display Docking Station: This docking station utilizes the M3's single native video link and DisplayLink technology. It supports up to 3 monitors with resolutions up to 4K60 and offers up to 100W of USB-C Power Delivery charging. It includes a front-facing USB-C PD port, audio input/output jacks, an SD card slot, 4 USB ports, a gigabit ethernet port, and multiple video ports for HDMI and DP connections.

UD-3900PDZ Triple Display Docking Station: This station also uses the native video output of your Mac combined with DisplayLink technology to enable 3 HDMI monitors with resolutions up to 1920x1200. It provides 60W of USB-C Power Delivery, 6 USB 5Gbps ports, an audio input/output jack, and gigabit Ethernet, making it an affordable, all-around solution.

For those seeking a horizontal form factor dock with DisplayPort connectivity and triple 4K support, we recommend the UD-6950PDZ. And if you're looking for a more portable accessory for connectivity while on the go, consider our AMS-5IN1E, a sleek USB-C hub that attaches to the side of your MacBook.

To learn more about Plugable products and Apple Silicon Macs, visit our Apple Silicon content hub.

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