For over a decade, Plugable has been expanding its docking station roster with the goal of making technology more accessible and user-friendly. The team’s commitment to listening to customer feedback and iteratively improving their products has made their wide range of high-quality and reliable docking stations a one stop shop for business and professional users. The two new docking stations launched today are designed to simplify compatibility for productivity power users who want to turn their USB-C laptop into a triple display workstation.

“For businesses and consumers alike, selecting the right docking station can be tough,” said Lynn Smurthwaite-Murphy, CEO of Plugable. “That’s why Plugable provides such a wide variety of solutions, available through Amazon and the IT channels, that cater to the different needs and preferences of our customers. By offering a range of options and flexibility, it allows our customers to create a setup that works best for their unique usage scenarios, host laptops, and preferred peripherals in any workspace be it remote, in office or on the go. We make it easy to choose using tools like our Dock Finder or vast knowledge base available online.”

The Productivity Multiplier

Built around the popular DisplayLink DL-3900 chipset, the UD-3900PDH was designed with compatibility in mind. Connect up to three screens on Windows, ChromeOS, and Macs—including M1 and M2-powered Macbooks—with full-featured USB-C, USB4, or Thunderbolt-enabled ports. The dock offers two HDMI ports through the Displaylink chipset that support up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz and a third HDMI display enabled by DisplayPort Alternate Mode at up to 4K 60Hz. A DisplayLink driver download is required for Windows and Macs, but not ChromeOS devices.  

The UD-3900PDH also offers 100W of USB-C Power Delivery, five additional USB 5Gbps ports, SD and microSD Card slots, a wired Gigabit Ethernet port, and 3.5mm analog audio input/output jacks. It’s an excellent option for mixed OS environments that need full compatibility across a range of laptops.

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The Productivity Powerhouse

Equally compatible with Windows, macOS or ChromeOS devices with a full-featured Thunderbolt, USB4, or USB-C connection, the UD-768PDZ is designed to deliver productivity. Built around a Silicon Motion (SMI) chipset, the dock offers three HDMI ports so users can extend up to three screens, one through USB-C Alt Mode, two controlled through the SMI driver, and all three at 1080P 60Hz—even on M1 and M2-powered Macs that would otherwise only support one screen. 

Users can connect to six additional USB ports (4x USB 5Gbps, 1x USB 10Gbps, and 1x USB-C 10Gbps), a wired Gigabit Ethernet port, SD Card slot, and 3.5mm analog audio headset port, all through a single USB-C cable back to the host. It also drives 100W Power Delivery to the host computer and 20W Power Delivery through the front USB-C port to charge a phone or peripheral.

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