Plugable USB-WIFIAX Wi-Fi 6 adapter

It doesn’t matter if you need a Wi-Fi adapter for a PC you’re building, or you just want to upgrade to the latest Wi-Fi standard on your laptop for a jump in performance, the Plugable USB-WIFIAX is your simple solution for upgrading to Wi-Fi 6. And with more of our work being done online, upgrading with a USB Wi-Fi 6 adapter is a cost-effective way to extend the life of a computer.

It’s Fast

The first thing you’ll notice when upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 is speed—and a lot of it. 

When connected to a 5GHz network, work, play, and stream to your heart’s content with speeds up to up to 1,201Mbps. And should you find yourself connecting to a 2.4GHz network, you’ll still be humming along with up to 573.5Mbps. 

Feature Focus

Plugable USB-WIFIAX Features

Upgrading to Wi-Fi 6 isn’t just about speed. You also get a more stable connection over Wi-Fi 5 protocols. With the included 45-inch (115 cm) extension cable, you can elevate the Wi-Fi adapter for a better signal. It also folds flat so you can get connected on the go. Plus, it looks pretty cool, something you don’t usually expect from a Wi-Fi adapter.

Some of the more technical features like might sound a little intimidating at first, but they do some pretty neat things. 

OFDMA allows your router to efficiently communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, reducing latency on networks with multiple devices.

MIMO allows the adapter's two antennas—and multiple antennas of your router—to work together for sending and receiving more data, more reliably, over greater distances compared to single-antenna solutions.

1024-QAM packs more data into each radio transmission, increasing data throughput by 25% compared to the 256-QAM of Wi-Fi 5, when using the same radio channels.


The USB-WIFIAX is compatible with Windows 10 and newer. It is not compatible with macOS or Linux. 

Connect to host through USB 3.0 or USB-C (USB-A to USB-C adapter included).

As is the case with any wireless technology, your actual speed will depend on environmental factors, your host system, and your access point (router). 

Driver download is required.

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