Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub/Splitter


  • Standard 2 Port USB 2.0 compliant USB hub controller chipset
  • Compatible with all USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices
  • Supports full data rates of 1.5/12/480 Mbps
  • USB bus powered
  • Compact, in-line design to minimize cable clutter

Product Description

Featuring a clean, compact design, this standard USB hub enables two devices to share a single available USB port with full USB 2.0 compatibility and performance.

Model: Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub

Included in Package
USB 2.0 2-Port Hub


Does this USB hub charge connected devices?
No. The Plugable USB 2.0 2-Port Hub is not intended for charging any mobile- or other devices. Both ports on the 2 port hub share the available power from the one upstream port (at maximum 500mA shared). It is intended for low or self powered devices and is not suitable for charging.

Can I connect two USB bus powered external hard drives?
No. One or both external hard drives will drop off the USB bus since this USB hub splits 500mA at best between both USB ports.

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