Bluetooth Home Automation Switch



  • Control any AC outlet from your Android/iOS device, or create a custom application to fit your scenario
  • Set up a timer to turn devices on and off according to your schedule
  • Can be used as a proximity switch that turns on when a paired Bluetooth device is nearby
  • Uses the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) for wide compatibility
  • Downward-facing AC outlet for easy access in tight spaces.

Ever wanted your bedside lamp to turn on when your alarm clock goes off? How about having your living room lights illuminate when you walk in the door? No problem! The PS-BTAPS1 Home Automation Switch enables you to do this when paired with any Bluetooth capable Android/iOS device, or from your own custom application using our Python open-source library!

The Plugable Home Automation Switch features both a daily/weekly/hourly timer schedule and a Bluetooth proximity function. From your mobile device, you can set up an up-to-the-minute schedule on when to turn the power on or off, or have the switch turn on when it senses your device nearby through a Bluetooth connection. These features are easily configured through the Plugable Power app available on the Google Play Store.

We also have developed an open-source Python library that exposes the protocols of the switch. You can either use the Python library directly, or make your own library using ours as a guide in any language you desire.


The Plugable Power app is available for free on the Google Play Store, the iTunes store, and the Python open-source library is available on GitHub.

Open-Source Library:

Technical Specifications

Electrical Rating 120VAC/60Hz/15A
Relay Model Song Chuan 801H-1C-S-12VDC
Life Expectancy 100\,000 Cycles
Ports 1 x AC Outlet
Outlet Type NEMA 5-15 (US grounded plug)
Dimensions 3.8″ x 2.5″ x 1.3″ (9.5 x 6.4 x 3.2 cm)


Q: My mobile device will not pair with the Home Automation Switch, or the Home Automation
Switch does not appear in the device list on the Plugable Power app.

A: Ensure that the Home Automation Switch is not already paired with any other devices. Press
the reset button for 5 seconds on the side of the Home Automation Switch, and attempt to re-pair.

Q: Can I control more than one Home Automation Switch at a time?
A: Yes! Just pair each device individually, and as long as you are in range you can select each device from the main app page.

Q: Can I control one device from two different phones?
A: No, not simultaneously. In order to control the switch from a different phone, it must be unpaired or out of range of with the first phone.

Q: In order for the proximity feature to work, do I always have to have Bluetooth enabled on my device?
A: Yes, you must keep Bluetooth enabled on your mobile device in order for the proximity function to work. Logically, the switch activates when the Bluetooth connection re-established.

Q: Can I control the Home Automation Switch when I’m away from home?
A: No, unlike a Wi-Fi connected switch, there is no way to change settings on the switch when you’re out of Bluetooth range unless you set up a custom web application that controls a local, stationary host near the switch.

Q: Does the switch remember the schedule that I give it, or does the controlling device have to be in range?
A: The switch will remember the settings. Once settings are changed within the app, the switch stores those settings in its memory.