Plugable USB-MICRO-9000 Ultimate Microscope


The Plugable USB-MICRO-9000


  • 24, enhanced 250x magnification lens modules (for a total of 6000x optical magnification) with 4 auxiliary LEDs per lens for additional lighting (if needed)
  • 3000x high definition digital magnification (for a total of 9000x when combined with the optical magnification)
  • Capable of magnification down to the DNA level
  • 1, central auto-targeting lens with 8 red LEDs for excellent low light performance
  • 1, 80mm COB LED ring for primary lighting
  • Shrink-ray…?
  • Included robotic arm & two finger gripper to assist in precision handling of the microscope ($65,000 value)
  • Included Plugable USB3C-HUB97XXX hub to power the microscope (priceless)
  • Plugabot AI suite software (Alpha) for manual voice control and auto collaboration modes for working with the microscope

IMG_4120 2

The microscope with it’s primary light ring and auto-targeting lens turned on.


Close-up of the primary light ring and auto-targeting lens.


The only hub capable of powering this microscope, the 400 watt Plugable USB3C-HUB-97XXX

Product Description

The Plugable USB-MICRO-9000 is the world’s first multi-lens, robotic, AI controlled USB microscope on the market. Our engineers have accidentally even included a useful shrink-ray beam to more easily inspect large objects that would not normally fit within the field of view of the microscope.

Checkout our YouTube video of the microscope in action:


Q: Is this microscope for real?
A: Absolutely. Several man-hours were devoted to R&D and final construction.

Q: Where can I purchase one?
A: At this time only the golden sample from our manufacturer exists. Feel free to contact us for further updates on availability and expected final MSRP.