Update 3/29/2018—We have updated our recommendations for changing for the system update options within system preferences. Please see the details below

As Apple improves and releases updates to their operating system macOS, they release public beta versions so that those who wish to do so can test new features and fixes and report any problems should they arise.

With the recent public beta release of the next version of macOS version 10.13.4 beta, changes made by Apple have unfortunately broken support for USB video adapters and/or docking stations based on DisplayLink technology.

The USB docking stations that Plugable offers and supports within macOS such as our UD-ULTCDL and UD-ULTC4K are based on DisplayLink technology, so as a result if any of our customers using these products update to the public beta of 10.13.4 the displays attached to their devices will stop working.

DisplayLink (the separate company from Plugable that makes the chips in our DisplayLink-based products and writes the driver) are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. The issue is being tracked publicly in their support forum herehttps://www.displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=65890

DisplayLink has also raised the issue with Apple directly (Bug ID# 37385102) but as of today there is no fix or workaround for the behavior. Plugable recommends that any of our customers not install the 10.13.4 beta if they are using a DisplayLink-based video adapter or docking station.

Apple does not publish a specific date for when the final non-beta release will be made available, but as a precaution moving forward we would recommend that any of our potentially affected customers temporarily remove the check mark for both the ‘Download newly available updates in the background’ and ‘Install macOS Updates’ options within the App Store preferences application available within System Preferences. This will help ensure that if a fix is not found prior to the final public release of 10.13.4, their systems will remain on the 10.13.3 version which does work properly with DisplayLink.

Uncheck these two checkboxes in order to disable automatic updates

As we have updates for this issue we will update the top of this post to reflect them. If any of our customers have any additional questions regarding this issue, please reach out to us directly via support@plugable.com and we will be happy to help.

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